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Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy 2019


Tripura Kashyap Co-founder – CMTAI Movement Therapist/Dance Educator

Jaya Rajagopalan H.O.D Pyschology St.Mira’s College for Girls

Anshuma Kshetrapal Course Director, Founder – COGC Drama & Movement Psychotherapist

Anubha Doshi Founder – Artsphere/Soulsphere Arts Based Therapist/Psychologist


The Dance Movement Therapy Diploma is a 400 hour approved programme by – St.Mira’s College For Girls, Pune (Autonomous – Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University Reaccredited by NAAC ‘A’ Grade) & CMTAI – Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (www.cmtai.org) and Artsphere Pune.


Diploma: 1 year

2 Semesters

400 hours

Webinars in July, September, October, December & February


1st – 10th June 2019

19th – 28th August 2019

9th – 18th November 2019

11th – 22nd January 2020

31st – 9th April 2020

* Course Dates are tentative and may be subject to change.

**Webinars, Supervision and Internship Dates to be announced.


Dance movement Therapy – Theories

Laban Movement Analysis

Bartenieff Fundamentals Pyschological

Theories – Freud, Jung, Rogers, Bowlby, Winnicott, etc.

Research and Evaluation

Dance Movement Therapy Practical Skills (Facilitation and Reflexivity) and other in-depth theoretical as well as practical work.


Email: dmt.artsphere@gmail.com Phone: +91 97304 72655

Artsphere Admin Coordinator :

Atul Prabhale

Phone: +91 95617 20001 Email: artsphere.pune@gmail.com

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Foundation Course in the Therapeutic Value of Art

Artsphere has teamed up with Susan Bullough Khare to offer a course, over 4 weekends that will offer extensive hands on experience of the therapeutic value of art and also explore how art can be used therapeutically with others.

Participants will explore a range of art materials, including paint, charcoal and collage, consider relevant art work and reflect on how art can benefit themselves and their clients.

Anyone working in the caring professions, who is involved in inter-personal work, social skills, self-esteem and confidence, can enable their clients to move towards healing through creative work.

Images are a means of communication for those with limited, or impaired, verbal skills, but they are also vital for the articulate whose words can distract, defend and deceive. “Physician, heal thy self.” Only when we have worked with art materials and explored some of our own issues can we be wholly effective in working with others.

We will undertake creative work on themes such as anger, self, grief, health and powerlessness, always focusing on process not product.

We are offering a unique opportunity to undergo a journey, in a non-judgemental atmosphere of support and caring, in order to become more empathetic, accepting, congruent and fruitful with those with whom we work, live and interact.

Dates to be announced soon

For more details, visit the website



@ CMTAI! 2019

Monthly Study Circles: Dance Movement Therapy & other Creative Arts Therapies

(Delhi & Bengaluru)

In two hour sessions, Movement Therapy / other Creative Arts Therapy practitioners & students find a space to be involved in their own continuous development through verbal discussions with respect to their fields in an informal atmosphere.

Meraki Festival of Creative Arts Therapies:

(Delhi & Bengaluru)

This festival offers experiential sessions of arts therapies (Dance, Music, Drama and Visual Art) by Arts Therapists – (for adults of different ages)

Samhati – Remedial Dance & Movement Training course (40 hours certification)

(Delhi & Bengaluru)

In this weekly program, Special educators and therapists are trained to use creative/expressive movement experiences with children and adult groups that they work with.

Samilanaa Festival

(Delhi & Bengaluru)

This festival is meant for children / young adults with special needs & their Caregivers. A series of sessions will take participants through a journey of dance & movement in relation to music, drama and visual art.

Movement Energizer sessions

(Delhi & Bengaluru)

Movement therapists will lead people in parks through fun-filled movement energizers on select Sunday mornings.

Knowledge Exchange for Creative Arts Therapies

(Different cities)

In this annual event,  Creative Arts Therapists from Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Art Therapy fields get together and exchange their knowledge with each other  (By invitation only event).

Open Workshops:

Delhi / Bengaluru

February – Purvaa Sampath (Music Therapist) offers a workshop on Music Therapy (Bengaluru)

March – Neha Christopher (Laban Movement Specialist / Dance Therapist) offers a workshop ‘Body language meets Movement Analysis’ (Delhi)

April – Vikramjeet Sinha (Drama & Arts based therapist) offers a workshop on ‘Narrative Therapy with the Arts’ (Delhi)

June – Vonita Singh, (Kathak Movement practitioner) offers a workshop on ‘Movement experiences for Senior citizens’

6th Annual International conference on Dance and Expressive Arts Therapies


In November, therapists and trainers will lead participants through the theoretical and practical aspects of Dance and Creative Arts Therapies alongside film screenings, research paper presentations and discussion groups.

Annual Certification Course: ‘Creative Movement Therapy’: 

(Delhi & Bengaluru)

May, June and July – New Delhi
August, September and October – Bengaluru

It is 33 days of intensive training program, with a 6-month time frame for fieldwork, along with supervision.

For more details regarding the above mentioned events, please visit our website (www.cmtai.org / follow the CMTAI face book page for updates every month or mail info@cmtai.org  or for events in Delhi call 91 9773905280 and for events in Bengaluru call 91 9886059268